Why a Sailboat


Why Now ?


The sailboat idea was pretty simple. It's not like I was the first one to come up with the idea, after all, people have been sailing around the

world for a really long time. A sailboat can be made into a very nice home with minimal costs and the majority of fuel is free.The sailboat of choice was a catamaran from the beginning. The shallow draft and inherent stability made it a top choice. The problem is that catamarans are expensive. Much research was put into selecting this particular boat and it was purchased and brought to Georgia where I could get used to sailing it on Lake Lanier as well as outfitting it as a home, always keeping my eye on the eventuality of cruising to far away lands.

The initial date to have everything done was early in 2010 but business and personal obligations made leaving in 2010 impossible.

The departure date remained flexible all the while continuing to make "Second Chance" a better sailing vessel.


So, how was the Gemini selected ?    

The Gemini had the space for two people and lots of creature comforts. Other catamarans were researched and all the different brands

have strengths and weaknesses. The Gemini is considered a cruising cat while others are offshore cats. I am more interested in stability, creature comforts, and sturdiness. The Gemini fit my requirements and my budget.


Why Now ?

  Well the obvious answer is Why not now ? Seriously living the sailing life has been a long time dream of mine. While I have no family history of sailors or even relatives living on the water, it was something I wanted to do. I purchased my first boat when I was 17 and since then, have always had, or had access to, a boat. Life on the water is always challenging and no two days are quite alike.


Several "sayings" have always stuck with me.

"Life is about the journey, not the destination"

 "Do something you enjoy"


"The difference between a fantasy and a dream is a fantasy is where you sit back, put your feet up and do nothing.

A dream is something you work toward and can make happen"



So, While this started as a fantasy of a teenager, it became a dream about 10 years later, and in 2000,

the work began to make the dream a reality.


As the years passed, I realized I wasn't getting any younger and if I waited until I was ready, it would never happen.

Undertaking an adventure like this is much like deciding to have children, if you approach it logically, it will never happen.


You will never know all you need to know, have enough money, have the time, job obligations, etc. The excuses of why

you can't do it are endless. Decisions were made to get rid of the things that tied me to land and figure out how to manage

what had to be done remotely. Cars, furniture, possessions were sold. New purchases were made thinking if it would

fit on the boat and was it really necessary. It is amazing how much clutter can be gathered in a short time.

The house was the biggest anchor keeping this from happening and with the current market for housing, selling the house

would be at a loss and cut into the cruising kitty. Fortunately we were able to do a lease/purchase which just covers the

mortgage, insurance, etc. There is some income from a rental property I have in NC and with the reserves built up over

the past 10 years, we still can't afford this lifestyle but are going anyway.











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