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While in Sanibel and the following months, I tried to nurse the knee back to health but the lifestyle I was living didn't allow it. Living on the boat is constant movement and walking. Storms at sea require a constant balancing act and the cortisone shot wasn't doing anything after about two weeks. We spent a month in Key West, FL and I used the bike as much as I could as that doesn't put the impact to the knee as much as walking but a lot of walking was still done. There were days that the knee would swell up and be painful enough that I would just sit down and take a day of doing nothing. While in Key West, I started actually considering knee replacement surgery.

Cost of the surgery had me looking at other countries to have the operation as well as alternatives. The trip to Mexico was rough and the storms were bad. All of this made my knee worse and I was contemplating ending the adventure or at least postponing it until I could get some relief.

While in Mexico I kept researching alternatives and came across stem cell therapy. The science behind it is excellent and the results very good. I spent many weeks researching and pretty much decided I wanted to give it a try before knee replacement was necessary. I tried contacting several clinical trials to see if I could get into them as the cost would be much lower. Clinical trials are being held all over the world as stem cell therapy is on the forefront of technology, at least in humans. While there is some controversy of stem cell use, the procedure I was most interested in wasn't controversial. There would be no culturing of stem cells, just amplifying my own body's ability to heal by injecting them directly where the damage is. I am not writing this to explain how things work, you are free to research that on your own, I just want to relay my experience with the treatment.

I had contacted several Clinical Trials including ones in Spain, Beijing and Australia. On Aug 2 I heard back from one of the researchers in Australia. He referred me to Jim Bosch who does consulting work for several doctors including Dr. Purita in Miami Florida. Jim and I exchanged several emails and phone calls via Skype. I explained my situation and history and Jim thought I would be an excellent candidate for Stem Cell therapy with Dr. Purita. My web research on Dr. Purita and the procedure he was doing all looked good and the decision was made to give it a try. Jim and I coordinated my schedule with Dr. Purita's and a date was set, August 16th. Flights and accommodations were arranged and Beth and I were off to Miami on the 13th. We arrived on the 14th due to flight delays. We were to meet with Jim and the doctor Monday at noon.

More information about Dr. Pruita and Stem Cell treatments can be found on the website for The Institute of Regenerative and Molecular Orthopedics.

please contact James Bosch through his website and tell him that you got the information from me.

They need to be directed, and the platelets are the directors.  Think of stem cells as the construction workers, the platelets as their supervisors and

In addition to repairing the damage, the stem cells encourage damaged cells to repair themselves and also take part in the repair process. 

The procedure began with a simple but comprehensive office consultation followed by X-rays of the knee.

X-ray of left knee elevated and slightly bent

X-ray of left knee straight, not bearing weight

As you can see by the x-rays, the interior side of the left knee is almost bone on bone.

I was to be there at 9am for the initial procedure which was the fat extraction to harvest stem cells. There would be a break of a couple of hours until the second part of the procedure which is the bone marrow extraction to harvest stem cells and another hour break for the final part of the procedure which is injecting the stem cells into the joint.

Procedure Day

I was lying on my left side on the table and the right hip / buttock area was anesthetized. After about 15 to 20 minutes, the area was numb.

A small incision was made and the liposuction cannula was inserted. The liposuction part of the procedure has to be

what was being done as well as asking if I was ok or did it hurt. This part of the procedure lasted about 20 minutes.

The liposuction syringe and cannula are pretty big and intimidating but the procedure was almost painless.

I was invited to watch the processing but declined and went out for lunch.

I was lying on the table face down and my left hip area anesthetized. Shortly Dr. Purita came in and began the process of bone marrow extraction.

He extracted about 60cc of bone marrow aspirate. It wasn't until after the procedure he showed me the tool used.


Jim and Dr. Purita kept me informed as well as entertained throughout the procedure making it relatively painless.

Once that part of the procedure was finished, all the material was handed to Jeremy for processing. Again I was invited to watch but declined.

The processing of the collected material is key to the process actually working. Jeremy explained what was done to the fat cells, the bone marrow aspirate including the light activation of the stem cells. Jeremy has an excellent knowledge of the process as well as excellent patient skills. It would be his "cocktail" of processed material that would be injected into my knee. I dubbed him the master mixologist.

When I returned the processing was almost finished. Dr. Purita came in and was ready to go. I was sitting on the table with my legs hanging off so the knee was bent and there was no weight on the knee thus allowing space for the myriad of needles in front of me to be inserted. I am not sure how many syringes were used but I can remember at least 4.

We returned to the motel and relaxed. Beth was insistent I start my pain medication as the anesthesia would be wearing off. While my knee was still swollen, the only pain I was feeling was from the fat extraction area.

Sleep was restless and another pain pill was taken about 2am. The knee was sore but the main issue sleeping was not being able to get comfortable. The liposuction site was on my right hip and as I normally sleep on my right side, it hurt. When I woke up the next morning the knee was swollen and very stiff. The pain was moderate and walking was painful. The use of a cane was a big help getting around. Relaxed most of the day but took a stroll about once an hour to keep the joint moving. By the evening, the knee had loosened up quite a bit but the cane was still necessary. I took another pain pill about 3 pm. I was also taking the dietary supplements recommended by the Dr.

Day 2

This was a travel day and walking was necessary. We drove to Miami airport and boarded our flight. Walking through the terminal wasn't a big problem. The pain was moderate but manageable. No pain pills today. By midday, walking through the airport was becoming difficult and I requested a wheelchair at our final destination. The evening was spent relaxing.

Day 3

After a good nights sleep, everything seemed to feel better. The knee was still stiff in the morning and swollen. The pain was still there but different from before the procedure. Walking was still a chore and the cane was necessary. A few Tylenol made things manageable. Most of the day was spent relaxing and going on short strolls to keep things exercised.

Day 4

The day was overcast and rainy so it provided the perfect excuse to lay around and rest. The knee was still swollen but less than before. Movement isn't as painful but range of motion seems restricted by the swelling. Tylenol again today.

Day 5

The knee remains stiff in the morning but relaxes much quicker. No cane today and did some extensive walking and swimming. Swimming was great as you can move the knee without bearing weight. A few twinges on the return walk but no worse than before the procedure.

Day 6

The swelling is less, almost looks like a knee again. Again, no cane and some extensive walking. I think I may have overdone it as the knee really hurt about midafternoon. An ice pack helped and I quickly slowed my pace and stayed put for a while. After a bit of rest, I returned home and rested the remainder of the day. The liposuction site is not as tender anymore and doesn't bother me while sleeping. The area where it was done feels "different" but all bruising is gone and the incision is healing nicely. The bone marrow incision is healing nicely as well and has not caused an issue other than itching because of the bandage.

Day 7 - One week post procedure

After the abuse the previous day I was surprised to find that the knee wasn't overly swollen or stiff. It was about the same as the previous day. I managed to do some small chores and walking wasn't an issue. While there was still some pain when exerting the knee it was better than before the procedure. Again did some walking but did not feel the sharp pain like the previous day. I have put the cane away.

From this point, I will update weekly and post X-rays when I get them done.

Week 2

Week 3 was much like week 2 in the sense that there was gradual improvement each day. There was a day that the knee seemed to throb but that could be that I had overdone it the day before. Being back on the boat and actually using it under adverse conditions does stress it in different ways than normal walking. Since the procedure I have had the opportunity to walk on the beach without being in pain. Range of motion hasn't improved much more and occasionally it is a bit stiff when I first wake up in the morning or when I sit in one position for too long. Overall, improvement continues and the knee feels much better that before the procedure and 85% of the time, it feels like it did over a year ago.

Week 4

Week 5 was a good week. Several walks of a mile or more and the only pain was when the ground wasn't level or I didn't see a curb coming. I no longer have to sit and rest every couple of hundered yards and my stride has improved dramatically. I don't wake up at night because I shifted and put pressure on my knee. Overall, I am ready to call this therapy a success and can wholeheartedly recommend the procedure to anyone in a similar situation. I still take my supplements daily and while I am not running down the beach, I can enjoy a long walk with my wife without being in pain. With that said and while the knee pain is minimal or nonexistent, I have noticed other things that hurt that are just from getting older.

Week 6 was more of the same. Daily walking, no issues with any major pain. Took the boat up to Isla Mujeres this week and the waves and bouncing didn't affect me.

This week I really overdid things. Several miles on the bike, several miles walking and the knee pain was back. There wasn't any swelling as there was before and the pain wasn't as intense but there was pain. Each time after a good nights sleep, everything was back to normal. The overall range of motion hasn't returned and the bike helps with that. It is much better that prior to the procedure but the right knee has a greater range of motion. I still believe that overall things are much better than pre procedure.

The time since my last entry passed with things not changing. I have had only one day of knee swelling after a particulary tough day. The knee still hurts when I over do but I would have to say the procedure was well worth the time and money spent. While I have not been back to get the X-rays taken I know that my mobility has improved pre procedure and while I do experience some pain with lateral movement, normal movement does not hurt. While I do not think I could run like I did when I was 30, my overall mobility and sense of well being has greatly improved from 1 year ago. It was at the end of May 2011 that I was told I would be needing a knee replacement. I don't think that will be necessary anytime soon.

Over a year since the procedure and I find my knee beginning to revert back to pre procedure issues. While the overall procedure worked I believe that it just delayed the inevitable which will be getting a total knee replacement. Rarely does a day go by that I don't feel a twinge or full pain from bending, lifting, or even walking. Yes, I am getting older and I know things like this happen with age but the left knee is a bit more than age. It has only swollen up once since the procedure which is a vast improvement to pre procedure. Did the procedure work, Yes. Was it worth the cost, Yes. Would I do it again if I had it to do over again, Yes. I know that sometime in the future I will have to get a knee replacement but the procedure delayed having to do that for years.

Update 3/5/2015

Finally bit the bullet and went to see an orthopedic specialist today.  The ongoing knee pain was constant with occasional twinges of severe pain. The newest X-rays showed exactly what was expected. There was Zero cartilage in the interior side of the left knee.  The Doctor simply asked when I wanted to schedule the surgery.  While I knew it was inevitable, it still wasn't easy to hear. I have looked into the various different implants, spoken with dozens of people who have had the procedure and I am ready to have the procedure.  My current work prevents me from doing it immediately so it will be scheduled in the fall. I update the page as the procedure is scheduled and I will document the process.

Update 7/1/2015

Went to the orthopedist today for a shot of Euflexxa. Supposedly this is the next step up from cortisone. Cortisone has very little effect anymore so we thought we would try this to get me through the ongoing pain until I can have total knee replacement. It is a series of 3 shots over three weeks, today was the first shot.  There was some throbbing and soreness the first night but settled down the next day. Slight reduction in pain but it's only the first shot.  The right big toe joint has to be fused and the orthopedist wants to do that surgery first so that is scheduled for 9/24 and hopefully the knee will be done in December.  More updates as they occur.







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