Second Chance Gemini 3400

I have always loved watching TV in bed so why should it be different if I am
staying on the boat? I purchased a 7" LCD TFT screen with speakers on Ebay
and mounted in in the main berth. I used a folding mirror mount to mount it with.
The mirror mount screws to the wall in the useless space between the back of
the medicine cabinet and the window. The TV has a screw mount on the back
and screws into the mirror mount. The wires were run from the VCR across the port
headliner and through the bulkhead at the shelves. The TV runs on 12v DC power
which I tapped into the overhead light for. While the picture is not as good as
a picture tube TV, it beats falling asleep in the main cabin. The TV is controlled
by the tuner on either the VCR or the Satellite so in order to change the channel
you have to hold the remote out into the main cabin but this way it works with the
main TV on or off.

I have found this EXTREMLY useful when the nieces and nephews come to visit
and they get tired. Pop one of their videos in and set them in the bed to watch it
and before long they are asleep.

Update 2009: Electronics get cheaper all the time. The 7" LCD was replaced with
a 9" slimmer LCD with better picture viewing from all angles. It is still connected
to the satellite tuner.