Second Chance Gemini 3400

While this is completely useless unless you are at your home dock AND have
telephone service, I needed it. The dock I was on had the jacks so it was an
easy decision. I purchased and installed a proper marine telephone jack next
to the shore power connection. I routed the wires alongside the shore power
into the electrical area. I chose a cordless wall mount phone and mounted it
under the main electrical panel area in the main cabin. I installed a phone jack
as well as a cable TV jack ( for the satellite and main TV antenna ) in the corner
underneath the air conditioning controls. At the same time, I also installed the
remote TV connections at the same time. This was a panel with L&R audio and video
which feeds the remote TV in the main berth.

Update 2010. The telephone jack wiring is still in place but the telephone itself
has been replaced with MagicJack and Skype via computer.