Second Chance Gemini 3400

If you have ever been on the boat in the dark you will know exactly why this
project was necessary. From the factory there is a light installed over the table
which lights up the table and seating area but the top of the fridge, the electrical
panel and similar area are too dark to see anything. I installed an identical fixture
purchased from West Marine in the center of the cabin just after you enter the door.

I loosened the headliner above the electrical panel and around the window in order
to get the wiring in without disturbing the main headliner. I cut a small hole in the
headliner where I wanted to mount the fixture and using an electricians fish tape,
routed the wire to the hole. Once the wire was in place, I connected the fixture
and screwed it into place using 1/2" screws. The other end of the wire was connected
to the DC panel on the breaker for cabin lights.