Second Chance Gemini 3400

The standard marine shower is not designed to be a pleasureable
experience but I could not figure out why it couldn't be. I purchased
a standard showerhead from Lowes as well as a standard shower head
mount. I screwed the mount to the wall as high as I could by the water
heater and attached the shower head. I used teflon tape where parts
were screwed together. I ran a piece of cpvc down the wall to a diverter
valve also purchased as Lowes. The diverter screwed into the back of
the normal faucet but has two outputs. On one output, I left the standard
hand held shower and the other I connected the cpvc for the new shower

The shower head I chose was on a dual pivoting arm so I could swing it
out of the way when not in use and allow the user to position it where they
wanted it to be. Needless to say, when connected to shore water, its no
different that being at home. When using the onboard pressure water system
its more like being at a motel. But, its still better that being at a motel with
just the hand held spray !

In a later project I added a new pressure system pump and increased the
pressure so when using the shower with the onboard pressure system its
like staying in a good motel !. I also added an additional 26 gallon fresh
water tank for a total of 86 gallons fresh water.