Second Chance Gemini 3400

I felt it necessary to have all types of entertainment available onboard.
I searched Ebay and found the perfect unit. The main unit included
the AM/FM Radio and cassette player and it included a remote mounted
6 CD changer. The radio part went into the electrical panel replacing
the original AM/FM radio ( upper right of photo ) and the cd changer was
mounted just below the shelf under the electrical panel, above the air conditioner controls. I had to cut a pretty large hole for the CD player so it could be accessed
easily. I trimmed it out with quarter round from Home depot and stained
it to match the existing stain.

Wiring was simple as the power connections were already there from
the previous radio. I added two speakers in the cockpit. I chose the 8"
round, water proof ( actually resistant ) speakers from Ebay. I ran the
wires inside the cockput lockers to the port side and followed the wires
from the shore power connector up to the electrical panel. There were already
two speakers in the main cabin, mounted just beside the door for the head and
the main berth. I use the fader control on the radio to adjust between inside and
outside so everyone is happy with the volume.

Of course, Jimmy Buffet is always loaded in the CD player.
Update 2010
The great multichanger CD player died. A replacement was located but the Multi CD changer wouldn't work with it so it was all scrapped.
The new unit is a single CD but has a USB input as well as an aux input which I use for the TV. This unit gives us more flexibility and a very good sound.