Second Chance Gemini 3400

The original design had a manual head installed and one of the first things
I changed was to remove the old head and install a proper porcelain head.
The old head pump worked but not very well and when the valve was put
in the "holding tank" position, it was impossible to flush. I purchased a
marine toilet/macerator from West Marine and had all the required parts
necessary for a smooth installation.

I removed the old head by removing the screws, hoses, etc after turning off
the thru hull water intake. I then removed the "wall" that covers the head
storage compartment, holding tank, and valves. The holding tank was empty
and perfectly clean. After following the hoses and factory installed Y valve,
I discovered that it was hooked up incorrectly. The valve was installed in
a way that there was no route to the holding tank from the head. After correcting
this error, I proceeded to install the electric head.

I installed a new 3 breaker DC electrical panel next to the factory DC panel. I
used one breaker for the new head, one for the GPS and other electronics and
one for the cockpit lights. I routed the ABYC wiring from the electrical panel down
and under the floor and into the head. I mounted the switch next to the existing AC
outlet and used the supplied lables. The new electric heads mounting holes did not
match up exactly to the old head so new holes had to be drilled. The supplied bolts
were used to secure it. I used fiberglass paste to patch the old holes that were not
covered by the new head. I installed an inline filter on the intake to keep foreign
substances from entering the system which the old system did not have.

Update 2010 - Installed an anti-siphon valve to keep a reasonable amount of water in the bowl.
Update 2011 - Failed Joker valve, twice ! Installed new joker valve with an electric bronze
valve that trips when the toilet is flushed. No more backflow from the holding take or sea

Other than the problem from the factory with the Y valve not being hooked up
correctly, this was a pretty simple project. It is so much easier to flush than a
manual pump type system and guests that are not familiar with boats have no
problem using the electric system.