Second Chance Gemini 3400

The original setup on the boat had NO bilge pumps in the hulls.
While in theory, this works fine, I preferred a bit of insurance.
I mounted a 1100 gph bilge pump in each hull, center of the hull.
I used the automatic RULE type of pump which activates when there
is about 1/2 inch of water in the hull. I wired them to a West Marine
bilge pump switch which is wired directly to the 12 volt panel. The switch
from West Marine incorporates a fuse and a Auto / Manual switch. This
was mounted on the electrical panel at the bottom, just right of center

The drains took a little bit of engineering. The port pump output was routed to
the sink in the head where a check valve was installed and used the same output
as the sink. The starboard pump output was routed under the stove and a new thru
hull was installed just next to the sink output. The way the drain for the sink was routed
there was no way to tap into in without creating additional problems so adding the thru
hull was the best way to go. A check valve was put on the output at the pump to
prevent any back flow.

To date, the bilge pumps have only been used once and then only the starboard one
I left the water in the sink running while under sail and my attention was diverted
to a more important task and a grocery bag fell into the sink which promptly stopped
up the drain. I am pretty sure that about 20 gallons of water overflowed and went
straight into the hull. It still took a shop vac to get the bilge dry again but I was glad
I had installed the pumps.