Second Chance Gemini 3400

The original setup on the boat was two house batteries connected to
the solar panels and a non functioning battery charger. I wanted to seperate
the house batteries from the motor battery. I added a Marine Deep Cycle/Starting
battery in the port cockpit locker and wired it to a battery seperator switch. The
switch has the house batteries and the new motor battery wired to it, just in case
I added marine grade 14 gauge wire and routed it to the electrical panel
following the shore power lines for the charger. I installed a 2 bank battery
charger and connected the two existing house batteries ( connected in parallel
mounted in the area in the port berth as shown) to one bank and the motor
battery to the other bank.
I left the solar panels connected to the house batteries only. The solar panels
are GREAT, they keep the house batteries charged all the time. The outboard
keeps the motor battery charged. There is very little use for the 120 VAC charger,
but just in case.

The solar panel controller is mounted just below and right of the main charger
I mounted the battery charger in the port aft berth, just below the electrical
area. It has LED's that show the status of the batteries.

Additional Update 2010
A total of 6 batteries are on board now.
2 125 AH batteries are located under the drawers in both aft cabins giving a total of 500 AH for the "house".
1 battery for the Main motor and generator and one battery for the forward windlass.

The original GUEST battery charged died in 2010 and was replaced with a larger GUEST model.
A XLITE Battery Monitor was also installed in 2011 cleaning up all the excess wires and moving
everything to a bus.