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The cost of this lifestyle is everchanging. Some days the dock fee is $ .27 per foot and others its $2.00 per foot. By the way, Second Chance is 34 feet long

so that translates to alot of money sometimes. The $.27 is VERY rare and we generally pay closer to $1.00 per foot per day. Grocery stores are not the same either,

In general, prices are higher and yes we do eat out often. Our favorite is Pizza, we enjoy an ice cream on occasion, and the rare McDonalds.

If you have enjoyed following our travels and adventures and want to buy us an ice cream, this page allows you to do just that.

Either way, We do hope you enjoy reading about our travels and continue to do so.

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We love knowing others are enjoying our antics/adventures/travels.


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We are considering creating a sponsor page of those who have contributed to the success of this trip.

If you don't want to be named, just let us know.

The difference between a sponsor and friends just buying us dinner is the amount.


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